Tom Willemsen

December 3, 2017

Github: https://github.com/Tom-Willemsen/splbytecode

splbytecode is a shakespeare programming language compiler targeting the JVM.

Given the following simple program in shakespeare programming language:

A simple example demonstrating getting numeric input, adding one to it, and printing the result.

Romeo, a goat.
Juliet, a lady.

Act I: Getting incrementally closer.

Scene I: The one and only scene.

[Enter Romeo and Juliet]
Romeo: Listen to your heart!
Romeo: You are thyself and a cat!
Romeo: Open your heart!

splbytecode can compile it into a java class which outputs the following:

> python compiler.py examples/incrementor.spl
> java SplProgram 12321

The compiler is capable of producing class files which:

However, several of the more advanced features of the shakespeare programming language are not implemented: